With a comfortable work environment, business support systems, and wealth of amenities, STAYUP is a service office that goes further than the extra mile to support how you work. With a comfortable work environment, business support systems, and wealth of amenities, STAYUP is a service office that goes further than the extra mile to support how you work.


Our mission is to boost your business.

The most important element of a workplace where you can focus is an abundantly equipped space, which makes working easy.

STAYUP is a new kind of service office, developed with the aim of enhancing both work and collaboration through sharing a premises.
Just a half year after opening, 8 synergistic business collaboratives have already arisen thanks to us.

We are committed to providing value that transcends regular shared offices and co-working spaces. Get in touch and see for yourself to take the next step in changing your world.

Usage Possibilities

Work and Study

A stunning vista over Minatomirai and Bay bridge positions STAYUP as an enviable center for your business activities, independent tasks, freelance and telework, and satellite company office. It's also a great base for students and professionals to embark on self-directed study and career development.

Conferences and Meetings

STAYUP's professional and polished conference rooms are fully equipped for comfort. As well as providing all necessary equipment such as monitors, we can set up everything for your web conferences.

Lectures and Networking Events

Our staff will adjust equipment and furnishing layouts to suit your purpose, whether it be for lectures, seminars, networking events, employee training, or other uses. At only 6 minutes' walk from Yokohama station, STAYUP stands out among attendees to your functions for its ease of access.

Three Special Features of STAYUP

  • Foster Connections

    Increase your valuable know-how by taking advantage of opportunities to engage in-person with MBA holders and senior entrepreneurs, as well as with community managers such as PR specialists.

  • Financing Support

    For no initial cost, you can consult with our specialists, who have an acquisition track record of 93%, to raise funds of over 1 billion yen via subsidies, grants, and loans.

  • Businesses Matching

    STAYUP helps grow your business and create business opportunities by facilitating introductions with other members and affiliates.

Style × Urban × Business Life

A state-of-the-art work environment in the heart of cosmopolitan Yokohama,
STAYUP is more than a shared working space and rental office.
Here, commuting is easy, comfort is assured, and working is a piece of cake.


Excellent Access to Major Stations

STAYUP is only 6 minutes' walk from JR Yokohama Station, which connects to Tokyo in 25 minutes and Shinjuku in 36 minutes.

Entrance onto the Metropolitan Expressway is also close by, and our building's underground parking makes it a convenient option for those commuting by road.


Given our location 6 minutes' walk from JR Yokohama Station,
you can commute without being exposed to the elements.

STAYUP Yokohama is connected to Yokohama station, so you can commute via the arcades of large commercial facilities Sogo Department Store and Bay Quarter Yokohama without worrying about the weather.

Not only are there shops, eateries, and cafes at your fingertips, the prime location within walking distance of numerous hotels and entertainment venues is ideal for hosting guests and business travellers.


Vital business services such as a post office and courier services are less than 1 minute's stroll away.

Necessary business services such as a post office, courier services, ATMs, gyms, convenience stores, and family restaurants are less than 1 minute's walk away, cutting your time spent on admin.

There is also a cafe on our ground floor, and since it's an open space, you are always available at no cost. You can pack your own lunch and eat it there or use it for a meet upor chat.

Free Services

Special Free Services

We offer a number of free and paid services tailored to members' requests.
Please get in touch with us for further details.

Three for Free
※Not included in drop-in membership plans.

Host up to three guests at a time for free. Please feel free to hold casual meetings at STAYUP.

1,000 sheets Free Printing Monthly
※ Not included in drop-in and virtual office membership plans.

Our state-of-the-art office is equipped with two multi-function printers, which can be used to copy and print up to 1,000 sheets per month for free.
※Please inquire separately for flyer printing, mass printing, et cetera.

Rent PC Equipment
※Not included in drop-in membership plans.

Personal computers, LCD monitors, various connection cables, smartphone chargers, et cetera are provided free of charge.


Our high-speed Wi-Fi is guaranteed secure for your peace of mind, another way we ensure our members' comfort.

On-site Concierge

Please let us know us if you have any questions about reception services, luggage storage, employee attendance and attendance history, et cetera.

IT Support

Please contact us if you need anything relating to PC use, network customization, or personal printing settings.

Free Drink Service

We offer a wide selection of hot and cold beverages. In our cafe space, indulge in coffee made from beans which are carefully selected each day.

Stationery Rental

We have a variety of stationery such as scissors, tape, and pens for lending purposes.

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