We aim to be the industry’s No. 1 in service.

STAYUP is a new kind of service office, which creates a workplace where convenience enables peerless productivity.

Our Operating Company’s Achievements

  • 2016Received the KAIKA Grand Prize in the 2016 Kaika Awards,
    sponsored by the Japan Management Association
  • 2017Received an Excellent Company Award for Employment of
    Persons with Disabilities,
    conferred by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
  • 2018Received a White Company Award
  • 2019Received award in the Ministry of Health,
    Labor and Welfare’s 3rd Awards for Enterprises and Workplaces
    with Pleasant Working Environments and High Productivity

Operating Company

Company name: Ripple Co., Ltd .
Representative: President and CEO Hidehito Hashizume
Company established: 1 November 2013
Headquarters: 860-0804
3-20 Karashimacho, Chuo Ward, Kumamoto City,
Kumamoto Prefecture
NBF Kumamoto Building, 3rd floor
Telephone/FAX: Telephone:096-311-7722
FAX: 096-311-7766
Business description: Contact center, BPO Center Operation, service office operator, vendor of office furniture and equipment

Declaration on the Elimination of Antisocial Forces such as Organized Crime Groups

In order to contribute to the realization of a safe society without violence, Ripple Co. Ltd. declares that as a company it will comply with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Ordinance for the Elimination of Organized Crime Groups and will work to eliminate antisocial forces such as organized crime groups.

  • 1. We will make our employees fully aware of the basic principles of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Ordinance for Eliminating Organized Crime Groups by advising the following: “do not succumb to fear of organized crime groups”, “do not give money to organized crime groups”, “do not use organized crime groups”, and “do not engage with organized crime groups”.
  • 2. We will sever all ties, including the provision of products and services and other business relationships, to antisocial forces such as organized crime groups.
  • 3. In response to unjustified demands by antisocial forces such as organized crime groups, we will respond promptly as an organization to solve issues with consideration to ensuring the safety of our employees.
  • 4. We will resolutely respond to unjustifiable claims made by antisocial forces such as organized crime groups by cooperating with external specialized organizations such as the police and lawyers and taking legal action with recourse to both civil and criminal avenues.
  • 5. We will inform outside companies of our declaration on the elimination of antisocial forces such as organized crime groups.

July 2019 STAYUP

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