Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can I use both the open space and a private office?
You can still use the open space freely after applying for a private office to use as your own.
Can I sleep at the premises?
As the office is not a residence, it can’t be used for accommodation purposes.
Do I need to book a seat?
Only conference rooms require reservation.
Can I leave halfway through the day or booking period?
You are free to enter and exit at will, and to leave at any time partway through a booking.
We ask that you please let reception staff know when you check in and out.
Please take personal belongings with you when you will be absent for over an hour. (Baggage storage is also available.)
What crime prevention measures do you take?
Our office is equipped with a 24-hour security system, so members can use our facilities with confidence.
In case of emergency, we will notify our partner security company in order to prevent and mitigate all possible risks or damage.
Can I bring in food and drink?
You are free to bring your own food and drink, and to leave at any time to purchase food and return to eat it. However, we ask that you please refrain from bringing anything in that has a strong aroma or requires cooking.

Please note that alcohol is only allowed during events.

Can I visit just to observe?
Yes. Please contact us by phone or through the contact form.
* There is no charge for an observational tour.
Can I smoke in the office?
Smoking inside is forbidden. We provide guidance on where it is possible to smoke nearby.
Can I talk on the phone or make online calls (for example, via Skype) at my desk?
Yes. When making a call, please give due consideration to the volume and content of the call.
I’d like to bring my own desk or office equipment. Is that possible?
Members who arrange to use space exclusively may bring in their own office equipment after consulting with us.
Please let us know if you’d like to bring or change any furniture or equipment.
Is there parking available?
If so, can I arrange parking on a monthly basis?
Paid parking (charged by the hour) is available in the basement of our building.
Can I leave my belongings in the office temporarily?
Will you store bags brought by guests?
We provide a baggage storage service.
If you or guests have any valuables, we ask that you keep them with you at all times.
Do you provide a landline number for me to use as my own?
We provide numbers that start with the local area code. Service usage fees and call fees apply. Please contact us for further details.
Will I have opportunities to interact with other members?
Yes. We aim to create a place for active communication, so business collaborations are sparked among our members.
Can I charge my phone and/or laptop at any desk?
Charging facilities are available at all seats.
Can I borrow stationery?
Yes, we lend basic stationery.
Can I receive mail there?
You can, although charges apply. We are happy to receive contents-certified mail, delivery certificates, and special deliveries while you are out of the office. However, we can only receive deliveries requiring cash on delivery if you have deposited the fee in advance.
How can I pay my fee?
You can pay by cash or credit card. We accept VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club and Discover.
What documents do you require when I sign the contract?
Individual customers will need one ID document (i.e. a driver’s license, passport, resident card, or insurance card).

If you are a corporate customer, you will need a copy of your corporate register as well as your personal ID card.

Do you provide receipts?
Can I change my payment method down the track?
You can change how you pay on a monthly basis. The same applies to adding and canceling options.
When should I apply to cancel my membership?
At any time. The cancellation will come into effect on the last day of the month following acceptance of the cancellation request.
What are your individual screening criteria?
While we cannot disclose our individual screening criteria, we note that it is an important criterion that a business or individual is not in violation of Japanese law, or that a business or individual is not in violation of public order and morals. Those who are members or acquaintances of organized crime affiliates or utilize their facilities are strictly prohibited from becoming our members.
How long does screening take?
Two days to two weeks after receipt of application documents.
Can I register as a corporation?
Yes, you can.
If I accidentally leave something behind in the office, can I come and collect it while the building is shut?
As not even staff can enter the building when it is closed, forgotten items can’t be retrieved at such times. Please contact us for further details regarding out of hours building access.
If a guest drops in suddenly, will my usage fee change?
Up to three guests may visit free of charge for members with monthly membership plans. Members with one-day membership plans will be charged.
Are there restaurants and entertainment facilities nearby?
Yes. The office is directly connected to Yokohama Bay Quarter.
Is there a limit on the number of guests I can host?
Up to three guests are allowed at a time without the need to make any reservation.
Is there a time limit for how long I can use the conference room?
Reservations are made in one hour increments.
If there are no bookings subsequent to your period, you can extend your time.