A variety of open spaces to choose from.
STAYUP Yokohama customizes your work style.

STAYUP Yokohama isn’t just an office space for individuals. We offer a high degree of freedom in redesigning seating arrangements and rearranging areas, so groups can work well daily and large numbers of guests can be easily accommodated. As well as encouraging movement and the shifting of items, we’re flexible when it comes to reservations and requests to ensure your meetings and collaborative work run comfortably.

A full range of private rooms in one area.
Switch on and off from work at will.

Semi-private and private rooms are available for those who want to focus on work in their own space. If your workload is heavy or you’re looking to cut down on stress, these rooms will ensure your concentration isn’t affected by people coming and going, telephone calls, or conversations and the like.
Of course, private room users can also use open space areas, so you can move to the seat you prefer based on your mood and what’s happening that day. We’ll help create work spaces that work for you.

Reception Counter

Reception Counter


Welcome! We’ll greet you here.

Call Bell


Please ring the bell to call for assistance.

Alcohol-based Sanitizer and Infrared Thermometer

Please ring the bell to call for assistance.

Open Space

Reception Room

This room is situated at the entrance of the open space and can be used for simple meetings and to greet guests. It features a permanently installed monitor and air purifier/humidifier.

Entire Space (from the front)

Here you see the open space from the entrance. It’s broad and uninterrupted, and offers a panoramic view of the harbor, including the Yokohama Bay Bridge.

Entire Space (from the rear)

Here you see the open space from its furthest point. Among the approximately 80 chairs are chairs of various designs. Enjoy discovering your favorite chair, as well as your favorite seat!

Standing Desks

Eight desks which convert to standing desks are located in the left part of the open space, near the window. Please feel free to stand to work comfortably, and to adjust the height of the desk to suit your body and mood!

Window Seats

Eight seats are available at the standing desks. Non-lifting desks have five seats separated by desk partitions. Ten further seats are available on sofas at the rear of the open space. Enjoy the wonderful view of Yokohama Port and the beautiful Bay Bridge from any of them! What a great view!

Luxury Chairs

A wide range of high-performance luxury chairs are available, including brands such as ITOKI, Okamura, Herman Miller, and Steelcase. Once you find a chair that suits you, fatigue will be a problem of the past even if you sit for a long time.

4 Person Tables

Seven to ten tables are always available for up to four people, bathed in plenty of natural light. Please use them for such varied situations as meetings, business talks, light meals with friends, and after-work drinks.

Panel Sofa for 4 People

These semi-private booths block out ambient noise from the open space and allow for greater face-to-face communication, where you can take the time to chat as much as you like. Because the office background is hidden, these seats are an increasingly popular choice for video conferencing (for example, via Zoom).

Nap/Break/Meditation Areas

The most relaxing places on the map! One person can take two seats on a panel sofa to think alone, take a break, and even nap. Earplugs are available at reception for those who’d like them.

Bulletin Board

Information on Yokohama City, member introductions, and other valuable is regularly posted on the corkboard immediately on the right when you enter STAYUP, and also in the kitchen area.

Sales Corner

Recommended products from our special subsidiaries, those supported by STAYUP, and companies engaged in fair trade are for sale in the open space.

Book Corner

Here you’ll find STAYUP manager Ueda’s favorite books, as well as books recommended by STAYUP. Feel free to borrow them as you like!

Meeting Rooms

6 Person Meeting Room

For a maximum of six people, by reservation only, and available to drop-ins for 2000 yen (tax included) per hour. The rooms are soundproofed with double glazed windows.

Monitor Included
(6 Person Meeting Room)

The rooms are equipped with a large monitor, ideal for presentations and more.

(6 Person Meeting Room)

Please feel free to use the blinds to minimize distraction and reduce the risk of prying eyes.

4 Person Meeting Room

For a maximum of four people, by reservation only, and available to drop-ins for 1500 yen (tax included) per hour. The rooms are soundproofed with double glazed windows.

Monitor Included
(4 Person Meeting Room)

The rooms are equipped with a wall-mounted monitor to the left of the door, ideal for video conferencing and more.

(4 Person Meeting Room)

Please feel free to use the blinds to minimize distraction and focus on your meeting!


Coffee Machine

A Barista Duo is set up for you to enjoy authentic lattes with the touch of a button. Help yourself to espressos, Americanos, cafe lattes, and cappuccinos for free.

Drip Coffee

Our staff brew fresh drip coffee every morning, noon, evening, and night. Help yourself at any hour for free.


A range of delicious black and herbal teas from Apricot System are provided for your refreshment, as well as teapots and necessary accoutrements. Help yourself for free.

Cold Free Drinks

Our staff also make iced coffee, iced tea, and green tea daily. You’ll find these drinks and more chilled in the refrigerator.


Our Mitsubishi refrigerator contains both a large freezer compartment and an ice machine.

Tea Dispenser

Unimat Life’s tea machine provides tea as well as cold and hot water. Help yourself for free.

Microwave and Toaster

Please use these to heat up your lunch and pastries.

Vending Machine

A wide range of drinks, including energy drinks, can be purchased here. The vending machine also accepts IC cards.

Muscle Training Machine

Change up your routine and make the most of idle moments by indulging in some light muscle training.

Private Offices

Entry and Exit via IC Cards

Entry and exit to private spaces such as private offices and personal booths are restricted. You can swipe in and out using your IC cards.

Locked Doors

We maintain your private office’s privacy through the use of locks which require physical keys. We also accept requests to customize private spaces to personally suit you.

Fully Furnished

Private offices are furnished for two people, with a set of two desks, chairs, desk racks, and wagons with casters (with keys).

Personal Booths

Entry/Exit via IC Cards

Entry and exit to private spaces such as personal booths and private offices are restricted and managed with IC cards.

Low Partitions

Private seats in semi-private rooms are separated by low partitions (height 180 cm). The desk shown in the photo is an electric standing desk, which can be raised and lowered at will.

Furnished (with cabinet)

Booths are furnished with a desk, chair, desk rack, and wagon on casters (with key).

Event Space


By moving furniture in the open space, the room becomes an event space where seminars for up to 40 people can be held.

Projector and Large Monitor

A projector and large monitor are provided, ideal for seminars and large-scale presentations.

Wireless Microphones

Two wireless microphones are available for events with multiple presenters or Q&A sessions.



An HDMI compatible monitor is available to rent for free. We find it’s popular among small laptop users!

Keyboards and Computer Mice

Keyboards and mice are available to borrow for free.

Cables and Chargers

A wide range of cables and chargers are available to borrow for free.

Stationery Rental


Various stationery items such as scissors, tape, and pens are available to rent.

Multifunction Printers and Shredder

Two SHARP multifunction printers and one shredder are available. Members with monthly memberships may print up to 1,000 sheets per month for free. Drop-in customers are charged 5 yen per page for black and white printing/copying and 25 yen per page for color printing/copying.

Clothes Rack


You can hang your jackets and helmets and leave other bulky objects here.


Ladies’ Room

The women’s restroom is located to the left of reception. It has three private stalls.

Men’s Room

The men’s restroom is located to the right of reception. It has three urinals and two private stalls.

Towels and Gel Sanitizer

Soap for hand washing, paper towels for drying, and disinfecting gel sanitizer are always available. We appreciate your cooperation in washing your hands thoroughly.

Hot Water Supply Room

Hot Water Supply Room

Cups and tumblers can be washed here, and leftover food can be disposed of in the bins provided.

Cleaning Equipment

Hand soap and dishwashing liquid are always available.


Washed personal cups and tumblers can be returned to the shelves next to the refrigerator.

Smoking Area and Bicycle Parking

Smoking Area

The smoking area is on the 1st floor of the building, just outside.
Head to your right after stepping off the elevator and you’ll find the door to the smoking area in no time.

Covered Area

Because the outdoor smoking area is covered and spacious, you can take a break here to get some fresh air.

Bicycle Parking

Bicycle parking is available outside the 1st floor of the building in front of the smoking area. Please note this area is uncovered.

Nearby Amenities

Car Parking

While STAYUP does not have a private car park, there are multiple parking facilities nearby.
Click on the link below for details on parking options.
Please note that we cannot provide a discount on parking fees.

See details >>>

Post Box

Post boxes are often overlooked when choosing an office, but are vital when certain urgencies arise. Click on the link below for more information on the nearest post box.
Click on the link below for more information on the nearest post box.

See details >>>


ATMs may be dwindling in number as society moves toward electronic payments and cash is required less often, but are often still necessary!
Click the link below for further information on where to find the nearest ATMs.

ATM locations for SMBC, Bank of Yokohama, and Japan Post Bank >>>

ATM locations for MUFG Bank, and Mizuho Bank >>>

Post Office

Here is the nearest post office from STAYUP.
Click on the link below for a map to the nearest post office.

See details >>>

Courier Services

The closest courier service is Yamato Transport, at less than 1 minute’s walking distance from the building in which STAYUP is located.
Click on the link below for a map showing the nearest Yamato Transport facility.

See details >>>

Convenience Stores

As their name says, convenience stores sure are convenient!
Click on the links below for instructions on how to reach the nearest 7-11, FamilyMart, and Natural Lawson stores.

See details >>>