Use workspaces and meeting rooms in Yokohama Bay Area for 4,950 yen per month with a virtual office package.

With business registration, the ability to receive post at the office,
and telephone number acquisition on offer, this package is ideal for freelancers or
companies who are getting started.

Home-based startups, teleworkers,
small startups, and more.
STAYUP is committed
to supporting diverse ways
of working.

We want to be the place to satisfy your unique specifications.
We're ready and waiting to seamlessly support your work.

Three Special Features

  1. Meeting Rooms

    Meeting Rooms

    Our meeting rooms are soundproofed, equipped with large screen monitors and privacy blinds, and available free of charge for up to 3 hours per month. You're welcome to invite clients to our address (your company address) and conduct business negotiations in superior, respectable surrounds.

  2. Workspace

    1 Day
    Workspace Access

    View the bay area from our stylish, professionally-designed workspace free of charge once per month. We offer a wide selection of hot and cold beverages in our cafe space.

  3. Business Matching

    Business Matching

    We support members with business matching, which is especially crucial for startup companies. In our first year, we helped foster over a dozen business-matched relationships. We also assist with applications for various subsidies and loans.

Of course, we also provide general services.

  • Register our address
    as your business address

    Register your business address in a prime location a stone's throw away from Yokohama Station. We also provide telephone and secretary services upon request if you'd like someone to field your calls.

  • Mail Receipt & Forwarding

    We can receive your mail and forward it to you. As soon as your mail arrives, we photograph it and notify you however you've nominated.

  • Phone Number Acquisition and Calling

    We can set up a fixed line for you, arrange call forwarding, and even call on your behalf should you wish.

A beautifully-designed space
to welcome you and your clients

Our workspace is distinguished by its openness, boasting high ceilings and
vast windows which show a panoramic view of the Bay Bridge and Minato Mirai Waterfront.
With our full range of facilities including ergonomic chairs and luxury desks a few minutes' walk from Yokohama Station,
we're ready to welcome you into comfort.

Workspaces and

STAYUP offers various workspaces, including soundproofed meeting rooms, window counter seating overlooking the Bay Area, standing desks that rise to 120 cm, a communal desk fit for 10 people, private rooms to host online meetings, and sofas where you can work comfortably over a chat. With our wide range of accommodations, we create work environments to suit you.

We also provide equipment such as various charging and connection cords, large display screens, whiteboards, writing tools, free drink bar, full-scale coffee machine, vending machine, microwave oven, hot water dispenser, confectionary station, relaxation space, workout machine, and more. Our fully-equipped facilities ensure an efficient work environment for everyone.

Available Plans

  Standard Luxury

per month

For those who want a company address but do not need a physical office

per month

For those who wish to use workspaces and/or meeting rooms

Services Included    
Business Registration
Mail Receipt & Forwarding
Mail Receipt Notification
- 可
Phone Number
Limited-time Offer Limited-time Offer
Workspace Access 600 yen per hour, 2,000 yen per day Use free once per month
Meeting Room Access From 1,500 yen per hour Use free for up to 3 hours a month

Experience a superior virtual office.

Telephone reception hours:0120-881-778(Reception opening hours: Weekdays 9AM to 6PM)

Member Testimonials

KeyMine Co., Ltd. CEO Makoto Nagamine

I'm very satisfied with how considerate the staff are.

KeyMine Co., Ltd. CEO: Makoto Nagamine

Why did you start looking for a virtual office?

We decided to move our HQ to Kawasaki City for practical purposes, but didn't want to have to change our registration location from Yokohama City where our company was founded.

What made you decide to sign with STAYUP?

I felt that the atmosphere the staff have created, including Mr. Ueda, who is in charge, is very different from what I saw in other shared offices. So, I decided immediately to go with STAYUP.

How have you found using the office?

I'm very satisfied with how considerate the staff are. Firstly, they go to lengths to meet requests, and I always appreciate that they don't communicate overly-formally like other shared offices do.

Beauty Ad Consulting Representative: Akiko Ide

It's very comfortable and I enjoy coming here every time.

Beauty Ad Consulting Representative: Akiko Ide

Why did you start looking for a virtual office?

When I launched my private business, I found that I needed a place I could use as my business address.

What made you decide to sign with STAYUP?

The decisive factor was how friendly, warm, and responsive staff were, and the bright, open atmosphere of the office. I was also drawn to the fact I could get a phone number, have mail delivered to the office, enjoy phone and mail forwarding, and of course use the office and conference rooms.
In addition, the office is well-equipped in terms of facilities and equipment and stocks a wide array of refreshments, thus creating a comfortable space.

How have you found using the office?

As you can probably tell from my answers, it's very comfortable and I enjoy coming here every time. I tend to use the office once a month, but would like to use it more.

Experience a superior virtual office.

Telephone reception hours:0120-881-778(Reception opening hours: Weekdays 9AM to 6PM)



Yokohama Creation Square 14th floor
Kanagawa, Yokohama, Kanagawa Ward, Sakaecho, 5-1

Telephone: 0120-881-778
Reception opening hours: Weekdays 8.30AM to 7PM
Last entry time: 5PM

Nearest Station

Approximately 6 minutes’ walk from Yokohama Station (JR, Keikyu, and private rail lines) via the N East Exit.

Inquiries and Viewings

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Our business collects and uses personal information for the following business purposes defined in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information Act No. 57 of (2003) (hereafter referred to as “the Act”). Please note that said business purposes may change to the extent that the purposes of use remain reasonably recognizable as being considerably relevant to previous purposes.

Business Content
Managing sales and maintenance (for leased items) of hardware such as telephones, multifunction devices, and PCs;
Developing and managing sales of business software packages;
Managing leased server services, provider services, and internet connection and phone services;
Planning and producing websites; and
Business incidental to the above.

Purposes of Use
To perform our duties under contracts and conduct transactions;
To provide information, products, and services;
To provide information on events and campaigns;
To share business-related information via personal and virtual contact;
To develop business software packages; and
For recruitment selection purposes and to otherwise manage employees.
Should we require personal information for purposes other than those noted, we will promptly notify the person whose information is sought of the new purpose of use and publicize the new purpose.
However, the person in question is not required to be notified and the new purpose is not required to be publicized if any of the following conditions A to C apply:
A. Notifying the person or disclosing the purpose of use may pose a risk of harm to the life, body, property, or other rights and interests of the person or a third party other than the person;
B. Notifying the person or disclosing the purpose of use may pose a risk of harm to the rights or legitimate interests of the business operator.
C. Notifying the person or disclosing the purpose of use may hinder the operations of a national institution or local public body in carrying out affairs stipulated as being required by law to be done.

Procedures for Disclosing, etc. Personal Information
We will respond to requests from persons for disclosure, correction, and suspension of use, etc. (hereafter referred to as “disclosure, etc.”) of personal information we hold based on established law. The specific procedure for requesting disclosure, etc., requires a “Disclosure Request” be submitted with authorization by the person or their agent following our provision of a “Notice of Purpose of Use”. Please contact us at the address provided in the “Inquiries regarding personal information” section below.
Please note that requests for disclosure will incur a fee charged by us. (No fee is required for requests of corrections, additions, suspension of provision, or suspension of provision to a third party.) The fee specified by the company of 1,000 yen plus consumption tax, etc., is valid at the time of billing and to be paid by bank transfer. The fee transfer invoice will be sent together with the disclosure invoice. Please note that the bank transfer fee will be borne by the customer.

Queries and Complaints about Personal Information Use
If you have any questions or complaints regarding our handling personal information, please contact us at the address provided in the “Inquiries regarding personal information” section below.

Inquiries about Personal Information Use
Ripple Co., Ltd.
3rd Floor
3-20 NBF Kumamoto Building
Karashima-cho, Chuo-ku
Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto
Ph: 096-311-7722

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